Certified Pocket Watch Repair in Ft Myers


"To work on a pocket watch is one of the most enjoyable tasks in the field of watch repair. Somehow every watch has a story to tell that stays with me during disassembling and reassembling. When the balance wheel spins again it comes back to life."

Wolfram Koehler, watch maker Ft Myers

Old pocket watches are one of the safest investments. Almost no one believes that these watches will loose their value, especially since every year there are fewer and fewer on the market. The individual value of a pocket watch is determined by its age and origin, the condition of the movement, the case, the dial and the hands.


The principle applies that antique pocket watches need to be cleaned and checked to be at their highest value, because contrary to newer watches parts are often rare or hard to find and therefore expensive.

At Watch Investments Ft Myers we are specialists in pocket watch repair, restauration and preservation. We buy estates and maintain a huge stock of original parts for all different kinds of makes and models.



  • complete disassembly and cleaning of movement and case
  • overhaul of movement
  • crystal replacement with original crystal (often crystals are plastic which is not original)
  • replating of the case if needed

We work on Verge Fusee, Railroad watches, repeating pocket watches, chronographs and all american, english, swiss, german or french brands including Hamilton, Elgin, South Bend, Illinois, Lange & Soehne, Waltham, Rockford, Appleton, Hampden, Howard, Seth Thomas, Longines and many more.


We will be glad to inspect your watch and give you detailed information about its history, the origin, age, model, the company who manufactured it and fair market value.


When requested we issue a certificate with all specifications of your watch or a written appraisal for insurance or resale purposes.

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