Watch Maker creates Custom Watches in Fort Myers 

<< Show me your watch and I tell you who you are >>

At Watch Investments Fort Myers our Watch Maker specializes in the production of unique handmade custom watches

Even though it cannot tell us all about a person, in some ways there is truth to it. You may be able to tell a lot about a person's preferences, likings, hobbies, style and passions, based on the choice of their watch.


With the introduction of cellphones and i-watches, the mechanical watch became less important as a time measuring instrument, but has become a popular status symbol and piece of history.


And it is there where it tells about the taste of a person. It is not important whether the watch was expensive or not, much more the design, its functions, the choice for sporty or classic, plain or elegant shows if its owner may be a collector, a trendsetter or someone with a love for the extraordinary and unique.

At Watch repair and Clock repair Fort Myers the production of unique custom watches is one of our specialties.


Whether you are looking for a one of a kind or a very special gift for a special person or occasion, we can help you create it. The gift to your best customers, employees that is incomparable and stands out from eveything else.


Chose your case style, band, dial, materials, movement complications and functions and the quality of your movement. All gears and parts will come from either Germany or Switzerland.

We can manufature a custom dial, incorporate materials, engrave it...the options are wide open. Be creative! 


We can create a unique Remembrance Watch in honor of a loved one - to be kept for generations to come.

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